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Bell County Deserves More.



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John Driver was born into a working-class family in the small West Texas town of Seagraves in 1953. His father, J.D., was a sharecropper and his mother, Lucille, was an active Missionary with the Church of God in Christ. John grew up understanding the meaning of hardship and the value of hard-work. Experiencing life in the segregated South, travelling with his father among farm workers across Texas, and even living among the Navajo tribe while his mother performed life-saving work as a missionary, John has seen first-hand the experiences that built the fabric of modern America.

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After graduating from high school and attending college, John answered the call to serve his country in 1972. He served 30 consecutive years in the Army, with various stateside and overseas assignments, deployments, and re-deployments across the globe. He has held each rank from Private to Sgt. Major. His last assignment was here at Fort Hood as Garrison Sgt. Major from 1996 until 2002. During this period, John served as an integral part of and spokesman for the Army's Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) to convert military housing to the present partnerships of today. RCI has improved the quality of life for all Service Members and their families by providing quality, affordable housing.

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After his military service, John put that experience to work at Fort Hood Family Housing (FHFH), where he built on his passion of serving our soldiers and their families as an Operations Director in charge of an inventory of 5,910 homes until his retirement in 2016. Since then, John has dedicated his life to improving the quality of our lives by volunteering with various civic organizations, serving on city committees, and taking an active role with KISD’s PTA.



Bell County needs forward-thinking solutions to keep up with rapid growth and development. We need a county government working for our families and our future. John is ready to stand up for us as County Commissioner and make Killeen a better place for us to be proud to raise our families and build our dreams.


I’m running because I want to see our community grow in ways that ensure everyone in Bell County can achieve their fullest potential. That starts with changing our County Government and building policies that work for us.
— John

Ensuring Public Safety

Making sure Killeen is a safe place to live and raise a family is a top priority. I will work alongside our law enforcement agencies and community organizations to develop solutions that work against crime. Bell County's justice system must focus on our most serious offenders, but we must also build effective programs that provide avenues for people to become productive members of society. To do so, we need to capitalize on the resources we already have at hand. Bell County has a large community of veterans that have been trained to do the right thing and understand the call to serve, we have local mentoring organizations that provide youth and family services and train disadvantaged individuals for the workforce, and we have neighborhood communities that serve to look out for each other. I believe that integrating these resources to work cohesively with our law enforcement community and local mentoring organizations can bring down the rate of crime throughout Bell County and make our community safer for everyone.

Investing in our Economy

Texas' economy is growing as new jobs and industries move into our state, but you wouldn't realize it if you live in Precinct 4. While Killeen and our surrounding communities boast strong local businesses and attract a variety of service industries, the fact is that there are very few anchor industries independent of Fort Hood that can hold our local economy in place. We owe it to our children to ensure that Killeen has a vibrant future for them to raise their families and build up their dreams. We need to capitalize on the investment that Bell County communities put into education and focus on ensuring our economy is diverse and competitive to prevent the drain of local talent to other career markets such as Austin and Waco. As Commissioner, I will work to create incentives that would attract the investment of tech, green energy, and other new industries to our County and our community.

Building up our Infrastructure

Bell County has undergone an unprecedented growth in population since 1990, and is expected to continue growing by as much as 55% by 2050*. In order to accommodate this population growth and keep Bell County economically sustainable, it is critical that we invest in developing a viable public transportation system for our community. We should work towards building a more developed and accessible public transportation system and invest in developing our road network to handle our future transportation needs. This will take a lot of coordination between each city's Directorate of Public Works, the Texas Department of Transportation, and our state legislators to bring the funds to the county to do so. As County Commissioner, I will make it a priority to work with these various agencies to meet that goal.

Working for Working Families

The hard-working families of Precinct 4 deserve someone who will stand and support their ambitions: that's why I will support affordable housing and will work to create and expand programs aimed at assisting working class and low income families afford to keep their children in school and increase their access to our job market. I will work hard to make this happen by keeping our tax and utility rates affordable and developing innovative public-private partnerships with our local businesses and community organizations. Killeen also has the lowest homeownership gap between African American and Caucasian households in the country** and that's something that we should take with pride and work to preserve. Keeping property taxes low and county utility rates affordable is essential to ensure that Bell County communities remain attractive places to live and work. 


*Source: Killeen Daily Herald

**Source: CNN


John is building a grassroots campaign to prioritize our families and our future on the Commissioners Court. To win this election, we will need all the help we can get. Sign up for volunteer opportunities here.

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