In the News: Veteran enters Democratic Primary for County Commissioner

"On Wednesday, veteran John Driver of Killeen filed to run for Bell County Precinct 4 Commissioner — a position currently occupied by Republican incumbent John Fisher.

Driver, 64, said he was compelled to run because when he looks at the precinct, which covers Killeen and the southwest corner of Bell County, he sees that families are in need of better jobs.

Most of the jobs, he said, are based around low-wage jobs at fast food restaurants and retail outlets. As commissioner, Driver wants to help attract better-paying industries to Precinct 4 so that families can better take care of themselves."

"Bell County Democrats chair Chris Rosenberg said she’s pleased and proud to see Democrats stepping up to run in 2018.

'Bell County deserves a commissioner who cares about the quality of life of everyone in the county,' Rosenberg said. 'Both of our Democratic candidates have dedicated themselves to service in this community. Their imperative will be to serve the needs of every Bell County citizen.'"